From Hobby to Business: Where did Fat Lady even come from?

From Hobby to Business: Where did Fat Lady even come from?

Thinking about starting a crochet business but unsure where to begin? You love crocheting, and friends and family have likely encouraged you to sell your work. The idea excites you, and you start envisioning it as a reality.

Growing my crochet pattern design business has taken years of trial and error. I want to share what I've learned so you can start to do what you love for money, and do it in a way that's easier than it was for me.

What qualifies me to share this with you? I’ve been crocheting since 1999, starting when I lived in a remote community of 300 people. With limited access to supplies, a coworker taught me the basics, and soon I was making dishcloths for everyone I knew. My mom got me a subscription to a pattern magazine, and my first stuffed creation was a ballerina hippo. I was hooked on making toys, stuffies, and later, amigurumi.

For about 15 years, I crocheted sporadically while raising kids and working. In 2018, burnt out from work, I decided to quit my job and pursue Fat Lady Crochet full-time. The past few years have been magical, watching my little business grow into one of the top crochet design businesses.

There were many things I didn’t know that I wish a mentor could have shared with me. What are some of the things you wonder about as you begin your business journey?

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